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Wobbling goblin

It's a goblin! It rocks and sways in all directions. Where are his legs? he doesn't need them! It's a Wobbling Goblin!

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Rotary dragons

A toy made of 3 wooden blocks that have to be rotated to create colorful dragons. 

Regular price 17.00 € Price 12.75 €

Wall abacus C

The abacus teaches basic counting, and also stimulates eye-hand coordination.

Regular price 51.12 € Price 38.34 €

Mini kicks

This toy helps exercise hand-eye coordination and in result improves child’s fine motor skills.

Regular price 47.50 € Price 35.63 €


This toy helps a child develop manual skills, hand-eye coordination and teaches it diligence and patience.

Regular price 40.22 € Price 30.17 €


While playing with this Mendelson toy a child’s imagination is captured and its gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination developed and improved.

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Crowd puzzle

Doing the jigsaw puzzle is beneficial for child’s healthy development and can be an introduction to the learning of writing and reading.

Regular price 42.66 € Price 32.00 €

Retro car

The size of the car is adjusted as to fit child’s hands. What is more, the form without sharp edges and the suitable size of the elements help improve grasping and recognize shapes.

Regular price 31.00 € Price 23.25 €

Panda Stacker

This toy helps even the smallest children to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine and gross motor skills.

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