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Alphabet 40

The set consists of 80 letters on 40 cubic blocks, which allows to compose the first simple words.

Domino animals

28-element wooden dominoes with wild animals graphics, designed to be arranged horizontally and vertically. 

Rainbow train

This is a random game where children learn to associate colures as well as develop their visual memory and even discover strategic moves. 


While playing with this toy a child can engage in role-play, which contributes to its healthy development and helps practice the ability to translate thoughts into words and to solve problems.

Noah's ark

The ark can be used as a starting point to tell the parable of Noah and Nammah, or to invent new alternative versions of the story.


While playing with this Mendelson toy a child’s imagination is captured and its gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination developed and improved.

Crowd puzzle

Doing the jigsaw puzzle is beneficial for child’s healthy development and can be an introduction to the learning of writing and reading.


Playing with the blocks helps exercise coordination and in result improves child’s fine motor skills.