Wooden penguin on wheels  (wobbly)

Wooden penguin on wheels (wobbly)

Wobbling penguin is a perfect toy for crawling babies.  


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What is this animal?

That’s a penguin. It has wings, but it does not fly anywhere. Instead it sways from side to side and moves forward. What kind of penguin is it? It is a roly-poly toy so it is hard to tip it over. Its construction and low centre of mass never allow the penguin to overturn. Because of the big wheels it moves forward and sways in the same time, perfectly resembling a penguin wandering in the snow. The toy imitates movements of real animals what gives a child an idea about the animal world and helps it distinguish one species from another. It opens a child’s awareness and as a result a child starts to notice and take interest in animals and consequently appreciates and respects them. Whole body is involved while playing with the penguin thus contributing to the development of gross motor skills.


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Beech wood
Sycamore wood
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