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The Hempions - Fox

The Hempions’ are made from one of the greatest and safest materials for children: Hemp! There are many things people don’t know about this amazing plant so let’s start talking about the reasons why the TOBE brand, selected this material in the first place. Hemp has been used by humans for millennia but just recently it is gaining back the popularity it used to have among ancient cultures. This material is more ecological than most, it doesn’t need pesticides while growing, because it naturally repels bugs and plagues.

A hemp plantation creates more oxygen than some forest while absorbing big amounts of CO2, and uses 4 times less water than a cotton plantation. It’s not surprising that the hemp textile inherits all those positive qualities. It’s antibacterial and antifungal by nature, it gets softer with every wash, and in comparison with cotton this material dries faster and it’s 3 times more resistant

The Hempions are made with love and are eco-friendly. There’s an innovative feeling to them, their texture and their quality turn them into a pleasure to play with.

Toy height: 54 cm

The garment is made of 100% linen.

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