It is the only online store offering Bajo toys belonging directly to its founders. Thanks to this, we can offer a very wide range of products created during the 30 years of the company's existence, as well as limited editions put together during the production processes. You will not only find our best-selling toys, but also those that your children may be fascinated by.

Who are we?

We are a diverse group of people: artists, designers, technologists, product safety specialists, educators, psychologists, teachers, and, of course, parents. You can be sure that all our products comply with the highest toy safety standards. 

What is important to us?

Education, ecology, and design. But the most important thing is admiration for the extraordinary potential that each child brings into the world. During the first years of life, we have the greatest development opportunities. Our projects always intend to potentiate the energy with which children get to explore the world. It inspires us.

When we think about children, we think about the future. For us, it means that we strive to be ecological and offer products made of safe and renewable materials. We consider the carbon footprint when importing materials needed for the production and transportation of our products.

What makes us stand out?

Did you know that when you buy toys directly from the manufacturer, you can not only return but also repair them? We want to extend the life of toys as much as possible, therefore, we are happy to help you repair items that might be in need of special care. We act according to our Eco-conscience. 

Who are we sticking with?

In addition to Bajo and Tobe toys, you will find stuffed animals from our friend Misie Agaty and creative games and puzzles from the Catalan company Londji. Both brands create products with the highest quality and ecological mindset. You should check them out!

Is there anything else?

As a BAJO brand store, we have access to the magical world of a toy factory, where there are many old or discontinued models waiting to be discovered. Through our site you can always find some of those rare and unique treasures.